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Spaceweb Consulting on the Net
Embrace formerly Abstracts Ltd, a leading UK E-Commerce agency developed this interactive website. We invite you to visit from time to time to keep up to date with the firm's activities.

The principal consultant of Spaceweb Consulting was recently admitted on application as a full member of the Nigerian Institute of Management. Congratulations!

Spaceweb Consulting has recently been invited to participate in a design competition for the Urban Renewal / Millennium Estate for The Rivers State Government of Nigeria. The project is estimated to cost in excess of $60,000,000.

Staff Appointment
Engr. Lanre Yusuf was recently appointed as Expatriate I.T. Engineer of the firm and will be responsible for setting up the New York office plus contacts of Spaceweb Consulting.

Website Management
Prosams Soft Systems, a Nigerian IT company providing IT Consulting and Business Automation solutions, has been contracted to provide consulting services and website management for Spaceweb Consulting. This partnership is aimed at further improving Spaceweb's Information Technology assets and Workflow.