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Our Philosophy
We are confounded by a mainstream remission of value on architecture, engineering, cost surveying, project management and their potential contribution to society. While one must acknowledge style as a product of specific time, the substance of measurable work lies in its 'timeless rigor', thoroughness, clarity of idea and care of construction.

Today, a line of distinction has been drawn. There is no longer the sense of common worth attributable to all impositions and endeavours. An individual's interpretation of meaning and consequence has become trivialized. Concurrently, this situation has created a cloistering effect for those who act
upon the restitution of intrinsic social meaning through the arts
and crafts.

Certainly, this situation extends far beyond the bounds of what most people would label as Architecture and Engineering. We are faced with this issue in many aspects of society, most influenced by money. In practice, the budget is not a reality to hide from, rather, as much a programmatic concern as anything else. To fault budget is to admit ignorance in addressing the concerns of the project. A process of critical inquiry cannot only co-exist within the realm of
sociological and economic cause and effect, but must.

It is our intention to further explore architecture, engineering and project management as a didactic vehicle through which to interpret and advance what is around us. This incorporates the strength of fine arts and philosophy in concert with science, engineering, project costing and management, mass media, global information network and the macro economy.