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Ikate Heights, lekki Lagos


These are prototype build-to-sell building blocks of 7nr., 3-bedroom + 1room boys quarters luxury flats  on 170sqm footage area, in the high brow Ikate/Lekki Phase I vicinity. Each apartment feature Lounge/Dining (60sqm), 3Nr En-suite bedrooms (22sqm each), 1nr en-suite  bq room (12sqm) and a lush Kitchen/store (20sqm). The apartments are set out latitudinally separated by the Access and Escape stairhalls and a large skylit Void, affording cross ventilation and lighting to aborting spaces in the central area of the building block.

The entire external views of the apartments and building block are aggressively post modern both in volumetric composition, texturing and decoration, and also celebrates the attitude of the Urban and poiseful lifestyle. The ground floor of the building also offers partial parking facilities, and a gym with changing facilities for its inhabitants. Entire interior and exterior finish is well above the average specification, while deliberate efforts for easy maintenance, by way of special ducts and access points to plumbing lines are clearly visible.

Project Cost
$120,000 per flat

Project Status
Preliminary Sketches Completed

Practice Engagement
Architects and Project Managers

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