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Ikate Manor, Ikate; Lekki Phase I, lekki Lagos


These are lush twin residential towers, in the prestigious Lekki Phase I district of Lagos Island. These colourful  typical residential towers feature 7Nr lush 3-bedroom flats on three suspended floors. The typical tower is bilaterally symmetrical to the other. On each tower are 2Nr Entrance and escape stair-halls, which also form the line of vertical symmetry. Apportioned 2Nr. parking facility to each flats are tactfully incorporated on the ground floor supported by Pilotis. The Entrance stair hall opens in a lift area, and directly open into the main lounge of the flats via its waiting area.

The exterior fa├žade of the towers are excitingly colourful. The  celebrated and multi-vista front terraces to all  apartments are a distinctive feature of this poiseful building. The rooms featured are all en-suite, while the Kitchen and dining area prides diffused sun-rays from a centrally located sky-lit courtyard.

Whatsmore? The entire  building is nice boxed without cantilevers;- a deliberate attempt of the expression of the cubist approach to volumetric architectural expression without contravening physical planning laws.

The twin Tower are linked together on the first floor at the terraces, and also feature an en-suite maid's room at the rear of the typical plans. The maid's room open directly to the escape/rear stair hall on each floor.

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