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Mass Housing for Kaduna State Government, Kaduna - Nigeria

These are 2 and 3-bedrooms bungalows designed for the teeming population of Kaduna state. There are four units in a typical building block - a design consideration for cost saving. Each unit features 2-bedrooms (12sqm each), Dining area (10sqm), Kitchen(12sqm), Lounge (18sqm), store (3sqm) and visitors toilet (2sqm). A separate toilet and shower (4sqm) is also provided for each unit.The entire facility is smartly contained in a modular square, and simply repeated along its lateral line of symmetry. The design takes into consideration, regional wind characteristics of Northern Nigeria, and therefore roof protection by way of parapet walls. The walls are wholly 150mm sandcrete blocks, and windows of louvre type. General material specifications are simple and affordable. Exterior colour are dirt resistant, and the entire neighbourhood planned in the Grid - iron concept. The neighbourhood concept of green buffers is also an integral part of the micro-environmental planning. The flexibility of the conversion of a typical 2-bedroom unit to a 3- bedroom Unit is a spectacular aspect of this simple design.

Project Cost
$20,000/2-bedroom Unit, $23,000 for 3-bedroom Unit

Project Status
Construction Drawings completed

Practice Engagement
Architect's & project Managers in Partnership with Commint Construction ltd

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