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The Dust: M/V OMOTESO is christened after the Late Maritime Sage & Expert - Capt S. A. Omoteso of Ileteju, Mopa - Kogi State Nigeria.

This is a solemn, special, simple, symbolic and linguistic Architectural reflection of the life and achievement of the late Master Mariner, Ship Owner & Administrator who worked and lived for Nigeria's and indeed African Maritime development.

The Tomb is designed to accommodate two coffins; the second being the remains of the Late's Darling Wife in future. The Tomb therefore feature a lower and upper deck. The void on the upper deck receive the final slated concrete deck visible on the Tomb's surface.

The header of the entire Tomb is the Expression of a fully laden Merchant ship with her cargo of colourful containers. A 150mm block wall terminates the Cargo and capped with a 225m sandcrete short wall; expressive of the 'Bridge' of the typical Ship, where the Late Captain spent most of his active years commanding and navigating both his crew of seamen, and large ship hull.

The Bow of the Ship is formed with a 900mm long cantilevered concrete slab to receive a 75mm curvilinear concrete fascia to form the miniature Ship's Hull. Maritime Anchors can be seen on either side of the Bouw, and lowered into a free space between the Grave surface and the miniature Ship, as the late Maritime Sage sails into Heavenly places.

May His Soul Sail and Rest in Perfect Peace-Amen.

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Design, Build and Preserve for Nigeria's Maritime Record and History

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