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The Earth, Victoria Court Cemetery, Lagos - Nigeria


This is a simple Cut and Place Tomb design  in the prestigious Victoria Court Cemetery.
The Tomb design is self expressive despite the delicate installation of its marble plaque slided into short 225x225 brick finished columns at one end of the tomb. A 15cm x 20cm factory picture embossed, and glazed vitrified ceramic tile is also permanently glued to a purposed recessed spot on the Marble, and forms the focal point of the name print of the late.

Fibre made and processed bust sculpture by the renowned sculptor (Adebola Adalumo) vertically hang over the reinforced top slab of the Grave.

The Late prides the passage through Earth Sacrificially, Selflessly, Effortfully, Sincerely and supportively with gratitude to God Almighty. She was aged 67. Born on March 31st 1937 and died August 5, 2006.
May Her soul Rest in peace.

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Completed July 2007

Practice Engagement
Architects (designed by the late's Son & lead Architect at Spaceweb Consulting ltd)

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